Born in 1994, in Pabianice, Poland. When I was 12 years old I’ve started to create games for PC. In my life I’ve released two titles on Steam (Top Hat and NIGHTHAW-X3000) and one on Google Play (Drunken Pistoletov). I’ve lived from my games for a few years but my gamer spark has disappeared. Then I’ve started to draw even more, because I had more ideas for my artworks than for my games. And I could express myself more this way. Currently the lucky one that is able to make a living from his art.

I like cats.

And I love food.

Cultural partner of Manufaktura Kultury ESN SGH of Warsaw.

Art Fresh Festival 2017, Warsaw
„Si” Restaurant, 15.04.2019-24.07.2019 Warsaw
Art On Scotland, 06.07.2019, Glasgow
„Erotica”, 09.08.2019-26.09.2019, Oslo, Norway
„Secado” Restaurant, 31.07.2019-14.08.2019, Warsaw
„Tea Green”, 16.11.2019 Glasgow Botanic Gardens

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