Nikodem Szewczyk, born in 1994 in Pabianice. Ex indie game developer (creator of Top Hat, NIGHTHAW-X3000 and Drunken Pistoletov).

Currently my artworks are in 17 countries: Poland, Denmark, United States, Slovenia, Sweden, Netherlands, England, Scotland, Canada, Germany, Norway, Australia, Switzerland, France, Ireland, Belgium and Spain.

16 countries and hundreds of happy customers.

11.03.2018 – Art Fresh Festival 9, Sheraton Hotel, Warsaw, Poland
15.04-29.04.2019Solo exhibition, Si Restaurant, Warsaw, Poland
06.07.2019, Art of Scotland, Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow, Scotland
31.07-14.08.2019Solo exhibition, Secado Restaurant, Warsaw, Poland
09.08-26.08.2019, EROTICA, Blank Space gallery, Oslo, Norway
16.11.2019, Tea Green, Kibble Palace, Glasgow, Scotland
10.12.2021, Solo exhibition, OOMPH Apartments and Krabonszcz, Warsaw, Poland
06.11.2022, Solo exhibition, Samo Centrum Wszechświata X Krabonszcz, Warsaw, Poland

Bigger Colaborations and events:
LECH Music, a beer company, 2020, I’ve designed unique festival T-Shirt, made in 1500 pieces and started the whole event
MEDICINE EVERYDAY THERAPY, own clothing collection (t-shirts, shirt and skirt) sold in Poland and couple of countries outside
Happysad – “Odrzutowce i Kowery “album cover (20yrs of the band), CD + Vinyl and visual concert stage design
PIH Ciężkie jest życie grzesznika EP album cover, CD + casette
PIH Nie Ma Miejsca Jak Dom (20yrs anniversary) album cover, CD + casette
• Collaboration with Muno Puzzle, releasing my own limited edition puzzles
MEDICINE EVERYDAY THERAPY“, second collaboration, own clothing collection (t-shirts, shirts, skirts, shorts and underwear) from “Grafika Polska” collection
• I’ve made a poster about my city Pabianice, which was noticed by huge amount of people, as well with the city hall. It has started a contest in which you could win it, contest was made by the city hall which proposed it. Posters were then given to the winners by the president of the city.

• 15.04.2018, Interview at Polish Radio “Czwórka”
• 31.07.2020, Interview at “NEWONCE” Radio
• Cultural partner of “Manufaktura Kultury ESN SGH
• 17.01.2021, Interview at Polish Radio “Czwórka”
• 01.10.2021, Interview at Polish Radio “Czwórka”
• 07.10.2021, Interview at Konikreatywny (podcast on spotify)
• 27.11.2022, Interview at Polish Radio “Czwórka”

Artwork that reached more than 1 300 000 people on www.reddit.com in a single post.

Artwork that reached more than 2 000 000 people on www.reddit.com in a single post. About 5 millions in total.

email: contact@krabonszcz.com
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Nikodem Szewczyk Krabonszcz
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